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The foundation of our services begin with our web-based educational site,  There is no charge for it and feel free to look at all our information about the prison experience.   It is a comprehensive resource that is an aid to attorneys helping clients and a guide for defendants to help them understand the post-conviction/plea process.

Our information is organized into sections based on steps through the legal process from the Presentence Investigation through Supervised Release. Each section will contain:

  1. Comprehensive Writing On Topics With Hyperlinks On Current Articles/Resources
  2. 90 Minutes of Specific Topic Video Interviews
  3. Tips From Our Experts (BOP, U.S. Probation Officers, Former Inmate Perspectives)
  4. Experiences
  5. Resources (Policies, Classification, Designation, Drug Treatment)

It is a perfect resource for defendants and their family members to understand the process.  During incarceration, Prisonology is a perfect resource for family and friends to get answers or request support in special situations that may occur.

Subscribing to allows full access to the site on up to three devices, one hour of personal contact with one of our experts and submission of on-line questions 24/7.

How to buy?

There is NO CHARGE for using  Simply go to the menu in the upper-right hand corner of Prisonology's Home Page and start looking around.




We work on every type of federal criminal case ranging from white collar crime, to drug offenses, violence. We work with private attorneys, Federal Public Defenders, CJAs and individual defendants.  There is no one-fee for consulting and expert testimony, but our services start at $1,500.  We encourage every client to contact us to tell us their issue and their goals.  We will quickly provide an assessment of their needs and provide a price.  The earlier that we are involved in the case, the more that we can do for clients.

Our experts have the ability to provide Declarations or expert testimony for federal criminal court cases.  We have a wide range of affordable services ranging from Presentence Investigation, to prison preparation, to supporting services in prison, to sentence mitigation strategies, to expert testimony.  We can customize a package for every level of client.

The cases we have worked cover all types of federal criminal offenses.  Recently, we worked on a resentencing of a person after a change in federal law as a result of the Supreme Court Ruling in Johnson vs. U.S.  The result or our expert testimony helped the defense achieve a reduced sentence.  Here is our case study.


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